My girlfriend broke up with me

2008-09-24 01:46:08 by Gillenium

So I made a funny song about it!... I have no idea why. GO LISTEN!



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2008-09-24 02:24:26

don't worry dude...

Respecting her decision or viewpoint about you shows your the better man...

And Just cause she might be your dream girl...doesn't mean your her dream guy ^^

or VIce Versa!

I'll listen to the song...

Gillenium responds:

Thanks, although I didn't really respect her decision at first. It was a 5-year relationship after all, not just a little fling, so it was a tough road to get to this song. I appreciate it, though.


2008-09-25 05:33:02

Your now a FREE MAN!!! Look to the Future ^^

According to Wikipedia...
Love represents a range of emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction.
The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction.
This diversity of meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.
True Love is as rare as anything in the whole may never be attained in one's life...and love should probably be avoided if at all possible...
Cause your Prince might be Kind and Benvolent for Selfish Reasons...
Keep you Eyes, Ears, and Heart Open...learn to read people...but don't misinterpret.
Sometimes a guy can be VERY shy...and can often bumble or make mistakes.
One should never be in a rush to find love....more than finds you.
Love makes us Strong and Vulnerable at the same time.
It's Risky Business!
But if you want to know what I think....
To find a successful must have the 3 threads of happiness to form a rope of a successful partnership.
1. Physical Attraction (This is obviously the first stage that comes to most people...seeking someone good is often blinded by physical appearance. Though it's important for staying healthy and clean looking...hygienic and all...LOOKS isn't everything....which leads to my next step.)
2. Mental Attraction (This pertains to how you your viewpoints agree with each-other? You must look to see if this person's personal quirks will interfeer with your life once he or she is no longer dead sexy due to old age...) This leads to the final step...
3. Spiritual Attraction (Honesty, Love, Truth...etc. This is a 50/50 situation...Once you find someone who you like both physically and mentally...finding love is all about a person's moral fiber. Is she greedy? Is he Lazy? Is he Selfish? But one is a forgiveness is cructial)
Love is difficult...but do research and stay steadfast...but don't be in a rush...even if your an old person...don't be in a rush...
It's better to stay single and happy then emotionally bonded with someone who you could care less about.
With that...I leave this for you... 84PtY


2008-09-25 05:33:50

Opps! sorry >_<

I meant to write "Princess!"


2008-09-25 05:35:34

DARN IT! I miss spelled the video link with a SPACE!!! 84PtY