2008-09-29 03:17:11 by Gillenium

I'm working on a couple new tunes. For some reason, breaking up with Amy, it feels like I've broken up with music somewhat. I'm finding it tough to really get into it, listen to it, make it. I'm sure it will pass though. Music is one love that will never let me down.

I'm finishing the next podcast (finally)! So, be on the lookout -

Also, this is completely unrelated to music, but I've begun commentating on professional Starcraft matches. I've been following the pro scene for quite some time now, and now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I thought "what the hell!" You can check out my commentaries here - rs




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2008-09-29 03:40:40

I'll bet if you drew a cross going down and across your'd look like something from the "Madness" series ^_^

Gillenium responds:

Haha, I might do that for the next post XD


2008-09-29 03:42:00

As for making your music...perhaps you just need a break.

After DID just break up.

You probably need to clear your mind...

Try taking a walk through the park...or through the trees...take in all the sounds...enjoy it with a hot cup of tea.

Preferably Mint


2008-10-05 00:22:31

Buy a Harley and change you name to "Snake"! It worked for me! XD

Gillenium responds:

Steven "The Snake" Gill. Hell yeah..