Blah! And more blah!

2008-10-29 22:46:19 by Gillenium

Happy Halloween, funsters. I feel like I'm falling back in time, falling behind on all my music/DJ/life stuff. But, I am starting a brand-new 5-part series that is shaping up well. Instead of taking 5 songs and stringing them together for Connection or Why Birds Sleep Well, I'm thinking about using the same basic melodies and displaying them in 5 different ways... this might work, and it might not. I'm still in the early stages of it. I have no title, but it's going to chart the last 5 years of my life (inspired by a girl I miss more and more every day). So instead of (Part 1) it will be the title and (Year 1).

I like to try new things. :)

I need to set my studio back up and get back to my DJ podcast... all in good time. The Incruit OSL Finals are happening soon as well, so I need to exercise my commentating muscles *stretches*


Blah! And more blah!


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2008-10-29 22:54:42