A Revelation

2008-11-15 19:29:20 by Gillenium

I've been in a huge creative slump lately, but something dawned on me today. I'm basically in the same situation I was in 5 years ago - I'm single, I'm back living at home, and completely lost. So this got me to thinking, "How did I make music back then?"

I listened to some of my old songs, and tried to channel some of that style into a piece I'm working on. The result was rejuvenating. It's the first time since November Butterfly (over a year ago) where I listened to what I made and went "Wow." It incorporates my current knowledge of sequencing with the moody peaks and valleys I was so fond of in 2003. Old Gill meets New Gill.

It might not put my train of creativity completely back on the tracks, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.


A Revelation


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2008-11-19 16:56:57

Happy Thanks Giving, Gil!

Don't worrry too much about the slump; they come and go.

I've never commented on your DJ mixes, but I have to say your break-up is my favorite one yet, so... I guess there's always a silver lining... or something like that :)

Be patient and keep it up... and try to enjoy living at your parents without taking advantage of them... life away from home is expensive!

Keep me posted on future mixes/tunes.