New song - Mink Hollow Road

2009-01-09 19:22:50 by Gillenium

Back with a little tune! I'm not hitting music full-cylinders like I used to, but I did manage to get one ready for listening. I'm taking time off from a lot of things, music included, to get myself back together. I think I'll try to get back into the podcast soon as well... I've had a LONG hiatus from that.



By the way, this is a picture that dates back to 8th grade. I still love it, though. I took the picture by myself... now you have to figure out how I did it!

New song - Mink Hollow Road


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2009-01-09 21:35:00

Coulda done a bit better on the end, but nothing's really perfect, so don't take it the wrong way (try harder?).

Good luck with fiddling with your camera or whatever finding out how that works... it should have a timer, though.


2009-02-14 16:34:36

Hmmmmmm.......did you put a timer on the camera and threw it up into the air and it took the shot by itself? Well, I dunno. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just guessing to see exactly how you took that picture. =]

Gillenium responds:

The ceiling was tile. I wedged it in :)


2009-02-19 19:39:01

you set it on a timer and held it up with your feet, then aimed the camera down at you and had it take a picture?


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