Vanishing Gill

2009-03-02 15:43:25 by Gillenium

Hey everybody. I'm going to be a bit slow responding to reviews in the near future. My life has floated away from music right now. I've immersed myself in large projects, one of which has gotten more recognition than any of my music has ever gotten for me. I will never abandon my tunes, but for now, my midi controller will collect dust. But it's ok, because when I return, I will have grown not only as a person, but as an artist. Toodles :)



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2009-03-07 07:09:22


... )': I is sad.


2009-03-24 16:44:24

Aww man! I'm gonna miss you man... i want more Gill. :)

Just dont forget about us. :P


2009-07-01 21:21:35

And what kind of project would that be?


2009-07-02 05:09:13

Goodbye for now, Gill. We will all await your teiumphant return to the Audio Portal!


2009-10-04 17:03:54

I still miss you and your music.. D':