Chemical Brothers in Brooklyn Saturday!

2007-09-18 17:28:29 by Gillenium

I am pumped! If you're from the area and you haven't bought your tickets, GET'M NOW! The live Chems experience is something that no self-respecting person should miss. Youtube it. You'll see what I mean.

On a side note, I just released the instrumental version of Pandemic to my archive here. I still wasn't quite happy with the vocals and I got mixed reactions from other people, so I decided to offer a cut version.

I've been working on all kinds of different songs, one of which might be released soon. It's been a bit weird... I'll start a song, create it for a few days or a week, and then I'll start a new song out of the blue and it will sound better, so I'll abandon the old song... this has happened a few times already. Finally pulling myself out of the rut it seems! Hopefully.


Chemical Brothers in Brooklyn Saturday!


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2007-09-18 17:34:06

ahh boo i wish i knew about this a few weeks ago. ah well enjoy the sho

Gillenium responds:

They outta tix already?


2007-09-18 22:04:09

*screams* omg a spider

Gillenium responds:

He's even BIGGER now than he was in that picture! MUA HAHA! He's my favorite pet ever. I'm frightened to death of little spiders, but my big spider is A-OK with me.